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Looking for Experienced YouTubers

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far.Skies ♡

Hey fam! CritFest is looking for 1 or more Experienced YouTubers to create CF related content and manage the CF YouTube Channel. This Volunteer will recieve a complimentary reserved slot, which includes the ability to use SaySounds in the server, a server intro sound, and a CF email address.


Preferable Qualifications

  • Has had experience making professional looking videos
  • Has had experience managing a successful YouTube Channel

If you would like to help us please comment below, or you can get in touch with Smack or I on Steam, or through email at SmackDaddy@critfest.com and Skies@critfest.com. We thank you for your consideration and your time! 


Yours Truly,
Smackdaddy & Skies


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I'm considering this possibly, but I'm kind of unsure though because I'm hoping that we can get more people to contribute to managing the channel since I'm still in college


I'd be willing to help out as part of a team concerning the academic responsibilities that I still have


My YouTube channel is terminatorX2 and I've improved in the video editing skills throughout the channel



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