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New Call Admin Feature added to the TF2 Server(s)

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Ok, we all have had those moments where you get frustrated because someone in the server is either breaking the rules or is hacking....and there are NO ADMINS AROUND!!!!! Fret no more! 

I have implemented the "Call Admin" function on the server so if you encounter a hacker or rule breaker, you can type a command and report the offender. All admins who are online (but otherwise not playing TF2) will get notified and the hope is that someone will be able to join the server and take care of the troublemaker for you! How do you you use this? It's easy: 

In chat, simply type: !call 

Then follow the menu prompts to report the offender. It's that simple! 

There *IS* spam prevention so you can't just spam the CallAdmin feature and be warned, if we find someone abusing this feature, you may end up with a temp ban yourself, so use it wisely. It's not to be played around with. 

Thank you for your time and support of the CritFest community and we look forward to fragging you in-game! 


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