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4th Anniversary Forum Raffle

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Rick the Jimmy Rustler

After being around for a little over a year now, ive seen this community go from: The MAD Clan (when i first joined) to CF Clan then to our current CF Community, and the fun hasn't stopped. Met some great players and made lots of new friends. The best part is the majority of them are still around and active in the community, which i think is great. So cheers to all the friends i've made so far and new ones to come. Server 4 all day. 1 is fun too :3:

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Ok, so far, 22 entries, and 4 and half hours left until the raffle. Keep your eyes peeled for this thread. Maybe more of you out there will sign-up?!?

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Make that 23, because I'm in :)

Edit: forgot to read the rules.

Well, ever since I found the area server, I've been hooked with you guys. I've been here since you guys where M.A.D, and since you became CritFest. I enjoy all the servers, I enjoy the mods, and I enjoy how we get ...MAD. I also hope you guys keep updating the form and servers... And long live the Dog Bread map.... I mean, long live CritFest!

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Well, I love critfest becaues its the first server I actually favorited. Before I found these servers I did random servers, and I never got any good matches...

When I got on your servers, I met Vinny, Zeus, and Konflict all at once, on server 4 I believe..may have been 2fort server though. I was introduced to the clan then, and the other servers.

First time I joined a DAN, My game glitched up, and I was given end round immunity lol. The ensuing chaos afterwards made me Want to keep coming back again and again. Server 5, now 4, became my own little home.

Now I play in CF servers all the time. The new maps and events valve puts out are easily played, as we have them added fast to our servers to try them out. Ive really no need to play on another server XD

Anyways Thats my reason.

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the reason i love CF is just all the fun and all the stuff the admins do to keep this community going when i first became an admin i was overwealmed at first at all the stuff i here the admins do but now i cant belive im able to do it but i guess u anyone works are you can help the community grow

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Ok, using random.org -- I generated a list of numbers and here are the winners:

Winner of the Bill's Hat is:


18 - Tulpin ((traded on to tulpin @ 8:56pm EST))

Winner of the All Fathers is:


3 - Cortana ((traded on to Cortana on 10/31/12))

Winner of the 2 keys is:


21 - Medic

Winnder of a random item:


6 - BBoyle

Winner of a random item:

"Ghost Pet" (as Gren called it)

4 - Grenadier ((traded on to Grenadier on 10/31/12))

You have 48 hours from the posting of this (No later than 8:30 EST Friday night), to claim your prize or it will go to the next number which hasn't been selected. I have a screenshot of the random number sequence and will post that when all prizes have been dished out.

Contact SmackDaddy for your prize.

Congratulations to everyone who won! And we'll see you in the server for more raffles.....

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