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CritFest Community Rules [12-12-2014]

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far.Skies ♡

- Disclaimer - All Admins reserve the right to Kick, Ban, Mute or Silence (and possibly pimp slap you) if any of the following rules are broken, or if you refuse to comply after being warned of inappropriate behavior. The CF Community is not responsible for any butt-hurtness that may occur.



1.0 Universal Rules

2.0 Team Fortress 2 Rules

3.0 Warface Rules.

1.0 Universal CritFest Rules


The Following rules extend throughout all facets of CritFest, in any game or platform. The community leadership expects not only ourselves, but our players as well to set a good example of how our community is. Remember, your actions not only reflect upon you, but the clan as a whole. We want to maintain our community image as one of having mature players who enjoy gaming and having fun.

1.1) Don't be a dick. If you don't understand this rule, then your gaming experience with us will most likely end with a ban, or at least a very severe shunning.

1.2) Be respectful to all admins, even in discord. You can disagree without being disagreeable. If an admin tells you to stop doing something, chances are you probably shouldn't be doing it. If you’re playing in one of our dedicated servers then your first warning are the rules in the "Message of The Day" when you join the servers. Many of you play Warface with us, if you’re in a CritFest Warface room, then take heed to the admins warnings about your conduct in game, you’ll only get one, two if you’re lucky, so keep that in mind. (type !MOTD in game chat to see the Message of the Day when you’re in a CF Dedicated server)


1.3) Playing by the rules - We expect leaders as well as players alike to play by the rules. We also expect our players to enforce the community rules. Remember, you are not an admin, please report any issues and/or misconduct to the clan leadership. You can report misconduct (HERE). Again, rest assured that we will not let the other party know who reported them.


1.4) Maturity - We expect our players to conduct themselves properly, maturely and respectfully. Players who repeatedly have to be moderated by muting/kicking/banning are subject to removal.

1.5) DO NOT impersonate an Admin or player. (Doppelgangers) will be banished from the community, because let’s face it... identity theft is for losers.

1.6) DO NOT MIC SPAM. Do not talk excessively on the mic. Do not play long sound clips that disrupt game play and team communication. Admins reserve the right to tell you to be quiet if they think you are being too loud or too talkative. Admins also reserve the right to Mute, Silence, Kick or Ban you if you do not comply.

What is considered Mic Spam?:
- Talking for an extended period of time and taking too long to reach your point. Keep your sentences short and sweet. Think out what you are about to say before you say it.
- Do not sing more than a few lyrics of a song, it's never karaoke night.
- Do not spam the same word, phrase, sound or sound clip. This is considered spamming and is punishable by death temp/perma ban.
- If you are speaking on a mic that is not configured properly and you are asked to stop using it, please refrain from keying your mic and talk in chat instead. If you need help figuring out what you need to do to fix your mic, please ask an admin via in game chat by pressing the letter "Y" on your keyboard.
- Lastly, if you think you are mic spamming, you probably are.


1.7) NO AGE DISCRIMINATION. Just because someone is young, or sounds young, doesn't mean they deserve to be discriminated against, however, there are exceptions to this rule. Regardless of age, if you are excessively talking or being an annoyance, you will be muted/silenced. We do not discriminate based on age, we judge everyone based on their character and behavior in game. If you don’t like kids, then we have no room for you here.

1.8) NO RACISM. Calling someone a derogatory name because of the color of their skin is for losers, do it somewhere else. "Nigger” or any other kind of racial slur towards any race is not permitted on the server. If you do not comply with this rule, or argue the logic of this rule with an admin, you will get kicked/banned.

1.9) NO SEXUAL ORIENTATION DISCRIMINATION. This includes words like "gay", "homosexual", "queer", "faggot", "fag", "homo", "dyke", etc. Calling someone or something "gay" to imply its "stupid" is derogatory. Being gay is not derogatory and it is offensive to imply that it is and will not be tolerated on the server/game rooms. If you do not comply with this rule, or argue the logic of this rule with an admin, you will get kicked/banned.


2.10) Do not create a steam group, website or website account with the CritFest name without first receiving permission from SmackDaddy and ms.Skies.

1.11) Don't be a dick. So simple, even a dick can do it.

1.12) Have fun!



2.0 Team Fortress 2 Specific Rules

2.1) REGARDING MELEE ONLY WITHIN THE SERVERS. Our servers are not melee only servers, no one is required to do melee only within our servers, even if the majority of the players within the server agrees to melee. Enforcing melee at any time other than our Friday Night Fisting event is prohibited.


2.2) No Spawn Camping. Excluding Payload Maps, under no circumstances is it acceptable for anyone to be at the enemy spawn unless the location of the map objective requires direct contact with said spawning area. Likewise, the construction of sentry guns outside of the enemy spawn, no matter the level, is prohibited on non-Payload maps unless the map objective requires direct contact with said spawning area.


2.3) English is the Servers Primary Language, anyone carrying on conversations in other languages will be subject to muting and kicking.


2.4) USE YOUR PERSONAL MUTE FUNCTION (for the love of sweet baby Jesus). If you don't want to hear someone talk, mute them. You will be reprimanded and/or muted yourself if you use excessive aggression instead of muting the player, or asking civilly for them to stop. Why bitch and complain when you can click a button and solve the problem? Believe me, it would make all of our lives better.

To mute a player simply go to:
Esc > Play > Resume Game > Mute Players

Complaining is frowned upon, however we encourage our community to report misconduct, you can do so by going (HERE) and submitting a player for review. Rest assured that we will not let the other party know who reported them.

2.5) Sprays In-Game: DO NOT spray your spray over another players spray, this is considered a dick move. If you join the game late you will not be able to see sprays, however, your cursor will still display text alerting you to the sprays presence, please try to be cognizant of this. If you are spraying over sprays intentionally, then you are liable to being removed from the server. If someone else has sprayed over your spray, please relocate your spray, if the offender sprays over it again, alert an admin.

- Do not spray bestiality sprays (however, furries ARE allowed).
- No child pornography, this will result in an instant perma ban with no warnings.
- No scat or golden shower sprays.
- No GORE (if needing clarification, contact an admin)
- Anything otherwise considered illegal or disgusting is at the admins discretion.


2.6) Medics in the Server: Medic slots are limited, which makes them valuable, if you choose to be a medic on the CF servers, then be prepared to be useful. Spread out, heal targets that aren't already being healed by another medic, heal more than just your pocket.


- Refuse to heal a teammate.

- Only heal your pocket and no one else.

- Battle Medic unless your pocket is dead and there is no one else around to heal. Self defense is one thing, but when your main focus as a medic (a support class) is to attack, then you aren't doing your job, if you want to fight, then don't be a medic, your job is to keep everyone else alive and leach as many points as possible.

- Do not Medic Chain.

- Do not sit on the sidelines and heal/uber snipers or inconsequential players who aren't charging and in need of a medic.


3.0 Warface Specific Rules


3.1) No Spawn Camping. Under no circumstances is a player permitted to sit outside of the spawn or enter the spawn area. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a kick, further disregard will result in said players removal from the clan.


3.2) Clan Wars: All Clan Wars must be sanctioned and meet the approval of the Founders of CritFest, SmackDaddy and far.Skies. Any Clan Wars coordinated without the involvement of the founders will be met with consequences, and possible removal from the clan.


3.3) Hacking is prohibited. Any evidence brought to our attention, past or present, depicting a current CritFest member hacking will result in an immediate removal from the clan. We here at CritFest pride ourselves in our tactical ability, and good character, we support a fun and fair gaming environment, every one of our players that wear the CritFest tag represents our clan as a whole, anyone who dishonors those tags will be removed.


3.4) Exploiting glitches in maps is prohibited.

Suggestions are welcome, if you object to any of these rules or feel these rules don't cover everything that needs to be covered, please PM your suggestions or concerns to SmackDaddy or far.Skies.

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If we have other games you all regularly play.....we can always add specific rules if needed -- just need to know what they are!  Contact Skies or Smack...

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