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    Hey Fam, ♥♥ It's been a while, we've missed you all so much. I'm sorry that we fell off the face of the earth, this past year brought with it a lot of difficult circumstances to overcome, Smack and I needed to unplug for a while. Now that life has settled down, we find ourselves missing the fun and friendship that came with this wonderful community, and we feel it's time to come back and breath some new life into it. Many hands make light work, if we could get at least 4 people to pledge $5 a month, Smack and I could cover the other half of the server bill no problem, and we could have our old stomping grounds back. ♥ Smack and I want to revive the place where it all began (Server #1), we need some place to touch base, but we would also like to get back into Grand Theft Auto V, and we are also very interested in the new Call of Duty coming out, most of all we are interested in what the players are interested in, and where the new generation of players are going. We're looking forward to expanding into new territories and games, I hope you are all there to evolve with us! The more help we have, the faster we can get this ball rolling, even if all you can do is a one off donation of $5, every little bit really helps us and goes a long way. Thank you guys so much! It feels good to be back, I hope to be able to play with you guys in-game soon! Donate Here: http://www.critfest.com/forums/index.php?/donate/ Love, Skies + SmackDaddy
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    Ok, so....Server 1 is back up and running in case you weren't aware (or missed this weekend's events). 1. Saysounds *should* be working now -- but I need to tweak the config to be sure we have the latest saysounds to use on the server. If a file/saysound appears to be missing, please let me or Skies know! If you are a current donor and they aren't working for you or your intro sound isn't playing, please let us know. 2. Nades should be working now as well, however there are some errors with the plugin on the back end (error msgs in the logs and the occasional server crash may occur). I have a coder lined up to be able to fix it (gonna cost some cash but it'll be worth it) but due to jury duty, he can't begin work on it until 1 July. In the meantime, if there's any ideas you have for the nade mod, please reply to this post so I can annotate it and if it's "do-able", will ask the coder to implement. When we get this mod fixed, it won't be released publicly and we'll be the only server with it. And since the Fast Download issue has been resolved, there shouldn't be anyone getting "ERROR" models anymore. If someone is, chances are they have downloads disabled in their settings. 3. Reserved slots should be operational - if you are an admin or donor and it doesn't let you connect on a full server, be sure to let myself or Skies know ASAP. 4. AFK plugin should be working properly now. Let us know if it's still moving people too quickly -- it shouldn't move you to spectator until you've been AFK for 2 mins but it will give you a 30 second warning before it does. 5. If there is anything else that is not working or is missing (i.e. a plugin, a map, etc)...be sure to let us know! I will be working to tweak things on the backend to be sure we're running things just like old times! 6. Stats are back!!! --> http://critfest.gameme.com/
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    Some new features for the new forums: 1. "Friends" have now been converted to "Followers" -- which means it will actually serve a purpose now! Anyone you "follow" will show up on your "All Activity Stream" which can be found in the menu under "More" -- http://www.critfest.com/forums/index.php?/activity/ 2. "Like This" for posts and statuses have been added! So instead of the "Thank you" button, there's a more functional "Like" button! 3. With this new forum theme, you can set your background to any of the four provided depending on your tastes. These backgrounds *may* change in the future to reflect a better representation of Critfest, but we hope you like it! 4. You will now receive forum "Notifications" for more of the activity on the forums to help you better keep track of what's new and what's hot! 5. The forum posting toolbar now has a "Spoiler" function so if you are posting something and you need to hide part of it so only those who want to see it, can....you can now do this as a built in part of the posting toolbar (i.e. it's no longer an "add-on") 6. After 50 posts, all members can now provide their own "Custom Rank" for their own enjoyment. 7. Your profile now has a custom "Cover Photo" that actually works now and your profile will also tell you your recent visitors (aka Stalkers). 8. In your menu, after logging in, next to your name, there is a New "Create" button to allow you to easily create new topics, statuses, and calendar events. 9. When posting a reply, there is now a button you can toggle to inform you of any replies after yours (look to the bottom left opposite of your "Submit Reply" button. Nice handy feature. 10. And since the posting box is now more of a "What you see is what you get" area, there is no longer a "Preview Post" button (this feature was removed by Invision Power Board, not us...) Reply to this topic and let us know what you think.....what you like, what you don't and any suggestions you may have! Thank you! -SmackDaddy
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    Ok, we all have had those moments where you get frustrated because someone in the server is either breaking the rules or is hacking....and there are NO ADMINS AROUND!!!!! Fret no more! I have implemented the "Call Admin" function on the server so if you encounter a hacker or rule breaker, you can type a command and report the offender. All admins who are online (but otherwise not playing TF2) will get notified and the hope is that someone will be able to join the server and take care of the troublemaker for you! How do you you use this? It's easy: In chat, simply type: !call Then follow the menu prompts to report the offender. It's that simple! There *IS* spam prevention so you can't just spam the CallAdmin feature and be warned, if we find someone abusing this feature, you may end up with a temp ban yourself, so use it wisely. It's not to be played around with. Thank you for your time and support of the CritFest community and we look forward to fragging you in-game! Regards, -SmackDaddy
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    I could drive out Saturday morning since I don't know how long I will be in Indianapolis on Friday. Lmk if you need a ride and are between Bloomington Indiana and Ohio. I'm not sure if I will be staying the night or not, I have another friend in Ohio that I hope to meet with too.
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    CF planning a comeback? I'll place a few bones on that!
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    WELL ITS ABOUT DARN TIME !! True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island We have been friends for a long time and 'Friday Nights' have not been the same without you two Looking forward to getting killed by you Will do all i can to help kick start this new Era of CritFest Keep us posted !!! HR
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    I am so glad to see you guys again
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    I'm with Nick on this. My new GPU is making me itch for a chance for some Aloha Snackbar sphee action again.
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    Let's see if we can make this happen! It's been way too long!
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    So.....I've decided to DM a campaign on Roll20. Right now, it's involving me (DM), Skies, Mr. Bronze (Skies' brother), Jinxy, and Dusty (a childhood friend of Skies). I may or may not add an additional player depending on how things go......but in the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that I MIGHT -- keyword: MIGHT -- be streaming our play session on Twitch. I've never had anyone "watch" me DM so I am kind of nervous to actually stream it -- but part of me thinks some people might enjoy it. Would any of you be interested in watching? (vote in the poll attached) The first session will be this Sunday night @ 6pm EST.....(we'll be playing the Storm King's Thunder with some homebrew stuff added to incorporate characters' backstories).... If we *do* stream -- it will be at http://twitch.tv/critfest Thank you for your time, SmackDaddy Note: If I do have another person (or two) join our group -- I'm kind of a strict DM. No dickishness, no horse play, etc......the emphasis is on fun as a party, "playing the objective" and immersive roleplay. I expect my players to be involved in roleplaying their characters. You can feel free to send me a "resume" via forum PM if you are REALLY interested in playing and have a flexible enough schedule to be able to play..
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    damn dude, i'd so totally love to see you guys get pissed off at each other for drawing a dick on the map.
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    Hey it works now (Smack knows what I mean) Anyhow, let's see how this goes. It'll be nice for Smack's main crutch to be reduced by 1. Maybe the old man can finally learn to play... I mean what?
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    We paid a coder to fix the nade plugin for us. Here's the "changelog": 1. FIXED: Main issue of errors in console and logs, and occassional server crashing 2. FIXED: Demo/Heavy Mirv special nade would show multiple kills to a building (resulting in extra points) 3. NEW: Dispensers now will give nades 4. NEW: Medic special nade now deals damage to enemies but at same time heals friendlies 5. FIXED: Countdown timer added when holding nade button 6. NEW: Added cool colored particle effects (red for red, blue for blue) - looks prettier and easier to distinguish whos nade it is in low light situations 7. NEW: Dispensers have a configurable "cool-down" before being able to dispense nades. For example, when you initially go to the dispenser to get nades, it will give them to you -- but you must wait x number of seconds before being able to reload them. i.e. if I set it for 15 seconds, you can go back and get one of each (frag and special) and then another 15 seconds, you can get the next set of frag and special...etc. This will keep people from being able to stand at dispensers and spam nades with immediate refills. Also, since we paid to have this fixed, our server is the only server running this version of the plugin!!! It will not be released publicly! Hope y'all enjoy!
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    Skies, I have gamed with you and Smack for many years and have seen ALL sides of you. THIS by far is the greatest step in your ever changing life, and am very proud to be called friend. I have always call you and this Clan "Family" "I don’t have friends, I have family." Quoted by --> Dom Toretto from Furious 7 and family forgives and moves on! The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.” The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” As always HR
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    Hey fam! CritFest is looking for 1 or more Experienced YouTubers to create CF related content and manage the CF YouTube Channel. This Volunteer will recieve a complimentary reserved slot, which includes the ability to use SaySounds in the server, a server intro sound, and a CF email address. Preferable Qualifications Has had experience making professional looking videos Has had experience managing a successful YouTube Channel If you would like to help us please comment below, or you can get in touch with Smack or I on Steam, or through email at SmackDaddy@critfest.com and Skies@critfest.com. We thank you for your consideration and your time! Yours Truly, Smackdaddy & Skies
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    Did you know that CritFest has a Facebook Page and Twitter Account? Now you do.
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    _____ _ _ _ _ _____ _ _ __ __ _____ ___ _ _ _ _ _ / __ \ (_) | | | | | || ___|| | | | \ \ / /| ___|/ _ \ | | | || || || | | / \/ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ ___ | |_ __ _ | |_| || |__ | | | | \ V / | |__ / /_\ \| |_| || || || | | | / _` || '_ \ | | / _` | / _ \| __| / _` | | _ || __| | | | | \ / | __|| _ || _ || || || | | \__/\| (_| || | | | | | | (_| || __/| |_ | (_| | | | | || |___ | |____| |____ | | | |___| | | || | | ||_||_||_| \____/ \__,_||_| |_| |_| \__, | \___| \__| \__,_| \_| |_/\____/ \_____/\_____/ \_/ \____/\_| |_/\_| |_/(_)(_)(_) __/ | |___/ ______ ___ .__ __. __ _______ _______ .___________. ___ __ __ _______ __ __ ____ ____ _______ ___ __ __ __ __ __ / | / \ | \ | | | | / _____|| ____|| | / \ | | | | | ____|| | | | \ \ / / | ____| / \ | | | | | | | | | | | ,----' / ^ \ | \| | | | | | __ | |__ `---| |----` / ^ \ | |__| | | |__ | | | | \ \/ / | |__ / ^ \ | |__| | | | | | | | | | / /_\ \ | . ` | | | | | |_ | | __| | | / /_\ \ | __ | | __| | | | | \_ _/ | __| / /_\ \ | __ | | | | | | | | `----./ _____ \ | |\ | | | | |__| | | |____ | | / _____ \ | | | | | |____ | `----.| `----. | | | |____ / _____ \ | | | | |__| |__| |__| \______/__/ \__\ |__| \__| |__| \______| |_______| |__| /__/ \__\ |__| |__| |_______||_______||_______| |__| |_______/__/ \__\ |__| |__| (__) (__) (__)
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    My pleasure, SmackDaddy. It feels nice to finally give back after the good times you've already given me.
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    Welcome back guys! I really wish I could help right now, but I'm getting a job soon and can probably help out. I look forward to fragging you again.
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    Hi AthlonBoy, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Hi CallMeJPlz, Thank you for your donation of $5.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    The past year away has made you weak! You will fall to my new and improved Demoknight!
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    Server Address: vx21.commandchannel.com *OR* critfest.mumble.cc Port: 2582 Now located in Washington D.C. (used to be Dallas Texas)
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I send you all the good vibes and positive feels. Stay strong fellow travelers! On a different note congrats on your promotion!
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    Daaamn. Sorry to hear that about Skies grandmother, and hope everything goes good since your Promotion Smack. Hope things get and go better for you guys, after hearing of her grandmother passing away, hope it goes good. and Yeah, I'm in the midst of the same thing, lately, I haven't wanted to chat or talk to people, just my gf, who's mother passed away 3 days ago.. so I haven't felt too good for her, we've been togteher for about a month now, and I hope everything goes good for you guys (third, possibly fourth time saying that now) but, I mean it. I'm tryin to help my gf with her grieving as well. So, yeah. As I keep repeating, hope things can turn around, and good things can comeback to achieve greatness.
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    take your time, it's important that you focus on your well-being right now I'm so sorry to hear about what happened with Skies' grandmother, but at least she will be in heaven for taking such good care of Skies and acting like a guardian to her
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    I'd have to say it's a good change, but possibly shift things around for certain classes. Some classes don't have an aggressive nade or a very useful nade in combat. Scout, Spy, Sniper, and Medic all have grenades that don't really do damage and thus, I feel like they shouldn't be limited to 2. In the case of the Scout, and maybe the Medic?, should have 4 and the rest should have 3. Soldier, Demo, and Engi all have very aggressive Nades, though the Engi is mostly for getting a sentry nest down, so I think having 2 for them is fine, along with two regular Nades. Pyro is an in-between for me, since all it does is set people on fire... Maybe 3 for that one too. It's not that useful. Heavy is just like Demo's, so... If it's possible to figure out the code and how to rework it a bit, maybe give the Heavy something that works a bit differently? Explode into a billion sandviches, for instance. I realize that would probably be pretty difficult, but I think Heavy should have an actual class one that is unique to him. Also, I suggest making the Medic one either go off sooner or have less of a range to it. Using it tonight just felt clunky because it would fly past the guys I wanted to heal, or they'd be beside something I could throw it at, but quickly move before it exploded into the healing wave... But meh~? I'm the type that only uses the "class" grenades when I play on the server, so~ I'm a bit biased, I suppose?
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    The sniper nade increase in distance helps, but it'll take some getting used to.
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    The only problem I've faced so far is the banner photo on your profile. No matter the size it'll blow up the picture. I used a 1600x500 and it looks the same as 500x280 albeit a bit of fuzziness.
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    Wow this is pretty cool. I think it's more social oriented, which is nice to reinforce the community feel. It all sounds good for now, but we'll have to see how it feels afte using it for awhile. Thanks for all the work you and Skies have done fixing up the website. It is really showing and making it become a much better system for community.
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    When Smack and I started hosting a community I was 19 years old, so much has happened since then, so much has changed, I have changed. I'll be 29 this year, I'm starting to find more than a handful of gray hairs and recently a 13 year old called me "old" lol. It's been quite a ride, most of it has been a blast, but then when I think back on all of those good times and good people I see that a lot of them are banned from our community, and I don't feel that's right anymore. When you spend so much time moderating an online community, your world can unknowingly become pretty small, which can make small matters seem very big. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past, Smack and I both have, it's time to own them and move forward together. I really miss all of my friends, I have fond memories of all of you, and it's not too late to make new ones either. I feel that enough time has passed, more than a few years in some instances, the kids in the community have all grown up and are reaching their early 20's, people have grown. A lot of people have already been unbanned and there will be more to come, if you are banned and would like to be unbanned, please contact Smack or I via Steam, e-mail, or submit a ban protest through CritBans.com, we'd like to see you all again and bring the community together once more, and we can't do that without all of you who have helped shape it and us over the years. ♥♥ Thank you for reading, I hope that we can all put our differences behind us and be "us" once again, just a bunch of old friends having a blast together. Skies@critfest.com SmackDaddy@critfest.com
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    ^.^Dark Knight^.^ is driving down from Wisconsin and we're picking up Jinx in Cincinnati Ohio, but we'd like to see about getting more people together if possible! If you would like to come, we can all possibly coordinate who's picking up who. We only have 1 spare bed and a couch, however, we have a finished basement with carpet, so a cot and/or sleeping bags will be needed if you don't want to stay in a hotel. We know it's kind of short notice, but this just kind of came up so now we're rolling with it! We really hope others will be willing to show up. Let us all know!
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    Western Washington. Too far away to make it work, far as I can figure.
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    Hi Nick-ka-ka, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Hi Guest, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Hi ArcHellraiser, Thank you for your donation of $100.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Really want to see a serious game. Used to play 4e with friends and all we did was dick around
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    My players know, this is not acceptable when in a real session -- there will be DM consequences for bullshit....
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    Haha Id love to watch if im available
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    ***AND*** Lope is having another BF1 giveaway on 10/14 -- if we exceed our donation goal before that time, we will add to the copies he is giving away so more may win!!!
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    Hi Zagger, Thank you for your donation of $20.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Hi oldfrog, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Hi ArcHellraiser, Thank you for your donation of $40.00. We look forward to improving the forums/server(s) with your donation. Many thanks, The CritFest Community
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    Ok....so I figured out some of the code in the nade plugin today. I have adjusted some of the code and now the sniper nade can be thrown further -- not as far as other nades, but there's a good 40% improvement to the distance. I am sure you snipers want to thank me, right? Also, for a trial period, we've lowered the nade count from 3 to 2 (for both frags and special nades for each class). The reason for the change in the amount of nades was due to a concern that it would help "balance" gameplay somewhat. Use this post to comment on your thoughts on these changes and any other "improvements" you would like to see. Still want your 3 nades? Comment. Like the lowering to 2? Comment. Would you like to see 3 frag and 2 class specific? Comment. You know what? Just provide your opinions and we'll go from there. Keep this in mind: We will never get rid of the nades so that's not going to be an option to "consider". It's been 7 years next month that we've had them and it won't change now....we're just trying to see if this will help some with game balance. In a few days I'll probably add a poll to see what people think of the change without you feeling you have to reply.
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    Skies did a lot of the polishing but thanks Alex! We're much more proud of the forums now! I have to learn how to configure the software for the "Frontpage" and then we'll be looking better.
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