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    1. Announcements and Server News

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    2. Rules and Guidelines

      Community Rules, Admin List, and Admin Applications.

    3. Event Rules

      Clan Event Specific Rules and Guidelines

    4. Banned or need to Report a Player? Click here   (9,596 visits to this link)

      Plead your case! *DUN DUN DUNNNN!*

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    1. Introduce Yourself

      ... if you haven't already, you probably should.

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    2. Request an Email Address

      If you do not have a "CritFest.com" e-mail address, request one today! They are free. (offer only available to donors - $25+)

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    1. #1 - CritFest.com [The Clubhouse] - 35% Crits - Fast Respawn - Nades -

      IP: (tf2.critfest.com) - GameMeStats - (Located in Chicago)

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    2. TF2 General Discussion

      Join our Steam Group: CritFest

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    3. Trading Area

      Post the items you want and/or the items you have to trade.

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    4. CritFest GameMe Stats   (7,174 visits to this link)

      What's your rank? Won any awards lately? Click here to view your stats.

    5. Downloads   (2,427 visits to this link)

      Need the custom maps or nade files? Click here...

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    1. Request an Intro-Sound

      Donors Only: Donors can request a sound to play when they enter and exit the servers. Also, if you need your say sound modified or removed, please request here as well.

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    2. Say Sound Suggestions

      Suggest small sound clips that can be played through Say Sounds within the servers.

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    1. Game Customizations

      Skinning, Models, Maps, and anything associated with "customizing" the game play experience, whether you are a mapper or just a regular gamer.

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    2. Tech Support

      For any "tech support" issues that you want to bring up, be it PC, Mac or 'Nix...

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